Temp    iDro will monitor and control the temperature in your system to make sure your plants don't get too hot.

Grow Anything!

 Now You Can Grow Like a Pro

iDro knows how to grow the highest quality plants so you will always have fresh, clean produce or cannabis.

Our technology takes years of experience growing high-quality hydroponic crops and places it at your fingertips. No longer do you have to worry about whether or not your plants are receiving enough water, nutrients, light, or CO2. When compared to other home systems, iDro allows you to grow at a lower price.


Begin your grow by planting your favorite strains. We have the right growing parameters for whichever strains you want to grow.

The iDro System

One Grow Payback In 3-4 Months

 With the iDro you will be able to harvest 4-6 ounces every 3-4 months. That's worth an average of $800-1200 from a dispensary!

Water   iDro will monitor the water level in your system as well as control the delivery of water to your plants.





CO​2           ​ Plants need CO2 to grow so we will make sure the air in your iDro has the perfect amount to help you get a large harvest.

iDro Takes Care Of Everything From Seed To Harvest


This is where things get interesting

Now your plants are in flowering.... and you get to see buds start developing right before your eyes! In just a matter of time, you'll be harvesting and enjoying the fruits of iDro's labor. But before you consume anything, we will teach you how to trim and cure your plants (if required) like the pros. This will help to ensure optimal taste and smell.

The iDro App


While your plants are growing in vegetative and flowering cycles you can give feedback and information about your plants that will help us further adjust the environment for optimal growth

Plant Success Guaranteed

With our comprehensive environmental control, you don't need to worry about killing your plants. Just add water and watch your plants grow!

Root Vegetables

You thought you would never be able to grow potatoes, carrots, parsnips or radishes inside? Think again. Our system will let you grow whatever you want so you really don't have to go to the produce section of your grocery store ever again.

Fruiting Vegetables

If leafy greens are getting boring, don't worry we'll also help you grow tomatoes, peppers and any other fruiting veggie you can think of.

%H     iDro will make sure the humidity of your system is where it should be so you're getting results comparable to your favorite shop.


We will walk you through proper processing of the plants so you can smoke top shelf cannabis.

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EC      ​iDro will make sure that the nutrient level in your system is always where it needs to be to ensure optimal growth.​

The system is only 2 ft in diameter, so iDro fits nicely anywhere in your house or apartment.

Grow Like a Pro

Light    iDro will control the lights in the system as well. This very important aspect of the plants' life will decide when your plants start flowering.

iDro vs. Competition

Leafy Greens

Anything from lettuce to kale and basil, our system will keep your salad bowl full for your whole family for years to come.

pH       iDro will also make sure the pH of the water is where your plants like it for optimal uptake of nutrients and water.

Safe, Healthy, Clean

​No need to worry about any nasty chemicals such as herbicides or pesticides on what you grow and consume!


Yes! with our system you can even grow your favorite flowers. Not only do we keep your salad bowl full, we also make sure you have a nice center-piece to go with it.

Vegetative Growth

Watch your babies grow up. It happens so fast.

From just a little seeding to a few foot tall plant. This is when you get to watch your plants grow and prepare for flowering where the real magic happens. Don't worry we will help you through their early life maintenance. We will give you tips such as what to trim off and when to do so. Early life preparation can make all the difference later in flowering. Plants need love too! 

Learn To Be A Grow Master

Our in-app educational content will give you optional recommendations that will teach you how to improve the size and quality of your harvest!

....And More!

If you haven't already gotten the point

Our system and plant growth parameter database will help you grow literally anything.

If for some reason you find something we don't offer, we offer a feature on our app that allows you to personally set parameters for your weird plant we've never heard of. 


Share your plants' progress or your harvest through social media!